Pauline Blackmore

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Pauline Blackmore

Pauline is an experienced professional bringing a diverse range of skills and experience in the areas of conveyancing, legal, defence and health.   As Xsell Property’s Business Coordinator, she is responsible for the operational functionality of the team in the engine room, offering executive level support to ensure smooth operations.  

With a Diploma in Business Management and Project Management and currently studying Human resources, Pauline values self-development. With several customer service awards under her belt, Pauline is passionate about providing exceptional customer service and with two of her strengths being communication and positivity, Pauline builds effective relationships and fits into the Xsell family with ease. 

Pauline embodies the Xsell company values; selfdevelopment, passion, word-class service, diversity and passion and enjoys the humorous banter at open homes.

Continuous improvement has been a key focus as Xsell Property continues to grow. Pauline’s ability to streamline processes, plus coordinate and implement new initiatives increases the overall effectiveness of the team.  

Pauline is a highly motivated and valued member of the team and as a mother of two, she brings a caring and nurturing approach to her work. 

Pauline has a border collie, ducks, bearded dragon and two adored pugs.  A few years ago, Pauline and her family adopted a rescue pug and has also been involved with fundraising for Pug SOS.  She utilises her creative side, drawing cartoon characters and creating custom car decals and T-shirts. 

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