Sammi Torchio

Since becoming an official member of the Xsell Team after demonstrating competency during work experience with Xsell Property, Sammi has displayed a tremendous amount of growth and development through her knowledge in the industry, quality of work and initiative in her everyday tasks.


As business coordinator, Sammi is responsible for ensuring that all the tasks and processes attached to each property sale are completed within the given deadline and to a high standard of work. In addition, Sammi also works as Personal Assistant, providing high level support to one of Xsell’s top performing agents, Baldeep Dang.


Dedicated to broadening her knowledge, Sammi brings a disciplined and organised approach to her work. With achiever as her top strength, she finds reward in accomplishing her goals and being productive both in her personal and her work life. Sammi tackles challenges head-on and uses a structured approach, always willing to learn something new and think analytically to find a feasible solution.


Showcasing her growing success and development in her role, Sammi has been nominated as a finalist in the 2019 REISA Awards for Excellence in the ‘Operational Support’ category.


To her two younger sisters, Sammi is a positive role model and takes pride in leading by example. Sammi also has a deep passion for music and is highly devoted to spending time developing her skills. As an experienced vocalist and guitarist, she continues to showcase her talent through local performances and recording.


With a strong interest and curiosity in the criminal justice system, Sammi is currently studying at Flinders University to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Criminology and Psychological Science alongside her role at Xsell Property.

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