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Our diverse team understands & values each other's strengths.

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Our diverse team understands & values each other’s strengths and specialties creating a seamless experience every time.

We are social on and off the field which further strengthens our success during ‘playtime’. We leverage our multiple individual and company awards, in operational leadership, support and sales ensuring that you benefit from our extensive knowledge and have the confidence to know that you’re in the best hands.

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Andrew Kyriacou

As Director of Xsell Property since its inception in 2015 with almost two decades of exper ...
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Baldeep Dang

Sales Partner
Baldeep Dang is accomplished yet humble professional. He won 2021 Agent of the Year for So ...
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Mathew Milanese

Sales Partner
Having joined the multi award winning agency Xsell Property almost two years ago Mathew ha ...

Tiffany Browne

Sales Partner & Head of Operations
As a proud winner of the Operational Leadership Award 2019/2020 for REISA Awards for Excel ...

Sammi Torchio

Business Coordinator
Sammi has displayed a tremendous amount of growth and development through her knowledge in ...

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